About Us

I am Sanket Shah, highly qualified sports coach working in sports for last 23 years, Technical knowledge about rackets, game and what players requirement, I started Racket Restringing Services 2001, worked for leisure center, sports clubs, professional players stringing rackets for all kind of players.

We have Gosen Automatic machine, 6 clamps mount best for racket and its give very accurate tension.

We have unique services compare to other service providers, we can pick up rackets from your work or your home and deliver back you within 48 hours. We also cover large area Mill Hill, Camden, Barnet, Harrow, Harringay, Hackney, Islington, and the City of London.

You can drop your racket at Sobell Leisure center (Islington) Finsbury Leisure Centre ( Islington/ city of London)or my workshop at Mill Hill if you are far from this area you can post it me with a payment I will send your racket back next day.

Simple word You call me + pick up your racket + 1 day stringing + Next day racket back to you

Professional and expert Badminton, Squash, & Tennis Racket Restringing Fast efficient high customer care, Pick and drop service at your doorstep…

Sanket Shah